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The OFFICIAL Magazine of Caribbean Championship Wrestling / Editor - Karl Blankenship.
Issue #005


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The CCW business plan does not specifically mention a site, saying only “We have a specific location in mind - a 17,600 square foot retail space in a suburban shopping mall in Portmore, conveniently close to the city of Kingston. The building will house the wrestling school, offices, and a 600 seat pro-wrestling arena.” It has long been rumoured the Portmore Skating Rink was the location described in the plan. Now, with Mr. Brown’s proposal on the table, Caribbean Championship Wrestling has still more to consider before its highly anticipated launch.

On another subject, CCW officials have been visiting the top modelling agencies in the country, looking for “beautiful girls with strong athletic backgrounds”, presumably to train as CCW referees.


Interview: CCW President
Augustus “Augie” Lee

In his first exclusive interview, “Augie” Lee sits down with CCW Magazine Editor-in-Chief Karl Blankenship to discuss Caribbean Championship Wrestling, pro wrestling in Jamaica, and what the future holds.

CCW Mag: Thank you, Mr. Lee, for giving us this opportunity. I guess we should start with how you became interested in pro wrestling.

Lee (laughing): I have no earthly idea. Probably rooted in my childhood. When I was a kid my father took my brothers and I down to the National Arena in Washington D.C. to see the WWF before it morphed into what it is today. At the time, Vince MacMahon’s father ran the matches. I remember seeing guys like Bruno Samartino, Gorilla Monsoon, George “The Animal” Steele, Haystacks Calhoun, Chief Jay Strongbow, Killer Kowalski, and completely getting into the excitement of it all. Those matches were special. I remember my father took us up to the ring as people were leaving. It was freakin’ huge to a little kid. One time the ring apron was pulled up, and I peeked. I discovered why a bodyslam would literally thunder through my chest as I watched the matches. There was a freakin’ microphone under the ring! Vince Senior was the Man!

CCW Mag: Did you want to be a wrestler as a child?

Lee: Absolutely not. Any form of exercise was a waste of time for me. I wanted to be a musician. From The Stones on, I spent hundreds of hours either learning to play guitar, or pretending to play guitar. I’m one of the few kids who regularly got an “F” in gym. I wasn’t interested in wrestling, or any sport.

CCW Mag: What got you interested again?

Lee: It’s that time. My professional life has groomed me for the task ahead. Sales and marketing. I’ve spent years travelling in rock bands, running time-share resorts all over the islands, and creating adult web sites. All of that means I have a unique grasp of sales and marketing, and now have a product I can get behind 100%. Pro wrestling is a cyclical sport. We are just finishing a low period in our history, and within the next three years you will see several independent promotions emerge from the shadows. CCW will be ready.

CCW Mag: Wow, you just skipped over a lot.

Lee (laughing): Yeah, but it all comes down to this. The time is right for the creation of a pro wrestling federation in the islands. I have the sales and marketing expertise to put it out there. And the management experience to know when I have to rely on others.

CCW Mag: Let’s go back a bit. The rock bands you played in. Any I would know?

More of Interview


Power ranking is the brainchild of mathematician Devlyn McCreight. It rates the relative standing of each wrestler within CCW, taking into account win/loss record, opponents win/loss record, belts held, titles defended, and other weighted factors. Only the top eight wrestlers have a shot at the most prestigious title, the CCW Caribbean championship. All ranked below eight compete for the CCW Television championship.

Title matches usually occur between the current champion and whichever wrestler is ranked just below him. If a wrestler wins or loses ANY match, it affects his power ranking. Tag team matches too. Each wrestler's power ranking can also be affected by fans voting for them in the CCW Power Ranking Poll every week! Fan votes combined with a wrestler's in-ring performance - the ultimate ranking system in pro wrestling today!


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