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The OFFICIAL Magazine of Caribbean Championship Wrestling / Editor - Karl Blankenship.


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last updated March 1, 2003




Allied Cablevision Company Limited

Shop #18, Washington Plaza
26-32 Auburn Terrace, Kingston 20
Tel:933-3091/933-3097-8, FAX: 933-3103 sent

CEO: Mr. Howard Webber

Kingston & St. Andrew: Red Hills Gardens, Arlene Gardens, Meadowbrook Estates, Maverly, Balmagie, Molynes Gardens, Waltham Gardens, Riverton City, Washington Gardens, Patrick City, Duhaney Park, New Haven, Red Hills, Rock Hall



Beason Communications Limited

Frankfield P.O.
Tel: 904-4185, 371-3418 (left message), FAX: none

CEO: Ansel Beason

Clarendon: Frankfield



Bogle and Bogle Cable Network

Yallahs P.O., St. Thomas
Tel: 982-5174 (call sat 3/1), 351-0263 FAX: broken

CEO: Mr. Maurice Bogle

St Thomas: Yallahs



Cable Home Entertainment Company Limited

Hamilton Mountain P.A.
St. Mary.
Tel: 726-4283, FAX: 726-4283 sent

CEO: Mr. Winston Hunter

St. Mary: Mason Hall, Oracabessa



Cable One Jamaica Ltd.

Shop #21
Harbour Bay Plaza
Harbour View, Kingston 17
Tel: 938-9259, FAX: 938-9942 sent

CEO: Mr. Neville Spike

St. Mary: Highgate East, Highgate West

Clarendon: Lionel town, Rocky Point, Sandy Bay



Cabletron Network Systems Limited

Shop #2, Wes J's Plaza
9 Barracks Road,
Tel: 918-1827 ???

CEO: Mrs. Viannie Bedward
Contact Person: Mr. Dennis Tenn-Hue, Managing Director

Westmoreland: Little London, Grange Hill, Frome, Dunbar Corner, Petersfield, Savanna-la-mar

Central Communication Services Limited

P.O. Box 211, Browns Town
St. Ann
Tel: 973-5746 talked, Fax: none

CEO: Mr. Wendell Marsh

Discovery Bay



Charlemont Community Cable Company Limited

Shop #4, 45 King Street,
Linstead P.O. St. Catherine
Tel: 903-4714, 903-4787 (left message), FAX: 985-6990

CEO: Mr. Linford Clarke

St. Catherine: Ewarton



Combined Communications Limited

31 Anthony Avenue, Marlie Mount
Old Harbour P.O.
Tel: 983-9845/9846, FAX: 983-2804 sent

CEO: Mr. Colin O'Sullivan

St. Catherine: Gutters, Old Harbour



Communicable Limited

Shop #2 Wes J's Uptown Mall

9 Barracks Road,
Tel: 918-1828/3643 (left message), 955-1288, FAX: 918-1827 (broken)

CEO: Mr. Wycliffe Jackson

Westmoreland: Grange Hill, Frome, Locust Tree



Cornwall Communications Limited

Centre Point Plaza,
Shop #12
2 Union Street,
Montego Bay
Tel: 952-1889, 940-1632, FAX: 940-1632 sent

CEO: Mr. Roxroy Sinclair

Trelawny: Falmouth

St. James: Mango Walk, Rosemount, Mount Salem, Catherine Mount, Savanna-la-Mar



CTL Limited

2 Retreat Drive,
Retreat Plaza,
Bull P.O., St. Andrew
750-1234-5, FAX: 750-1235 sent

CEO: Mr. Carlton Cummings

Kingston & St. Andrew: Harbour View,Seven Miles, Bull Bay



D and L Cable and Satellite Network Limited

68 Hagley Park Road,
Kingston 10
Tel: 906-8178-80, FAX: 906-7995 sent

CEO: Mr. Leeford Grant

Kingston & St. Andrew: Kencot, Whitfield Town, Greenwich Town, Delacree Pen, Boucher Park, Richmond Park, Eastwood Park Gardens, Balmagie, Molynes Gardens, Cockburn Gardens, Tower Hill, Penwood



Entertainment Systems Limited

Shop 8,
115 1/4 Old Hope Rd.,
Kingston 6
Tel: 978-3972/978-0988, FAX: 978-4523 sent

CEO: Mr. Stephen Chung

Kingston & St. Andrew: August Town, Mona, Hope Tavern, Hope Pastures, Beverly Hills, Barbican, Half-Way-Tree, Trafalgar Park, New Kingston



General Satellite Network Company Limited

28 Main Street,
May Pen, Clarendon
Tel: 902-6412, FAX: 986-1269 sent

CEO: Mr. Trevor Witter

Clarendon: Palmer’s Cross, May Pen East, May Pen North, May Pen South, May Pen West



Inntech Communications Limited

Buff Bay,
Tel: 996-1862/996-1341, FAX: 913-6109 sent

CEO: Mr. Colin Innis

Portland: Buff Bay



I.T.E.C. Company Limited

Green Island,
Tel: 957-6049, FAX: 957-6049

CEO: Mr. Wayne Daley, Sidney Anglin (Wiggin 912-9633)

Hanover: Green Island



IZIT Properties Limited T/A Coral Seas Cable

c/o Coral Seas Plaza,
Negril Square Box 91,
Tel: 957-3690, FAX: 957-4269 sent

CEO: Mrs. Doris Allen

Hanover: Green Island

Westmoreland: Negril



Jamaica Amalgamated Cable Systems

8 D Portmore Mall,
Tel: 988-5733/4987 FAX: 988-3360 sent

CEO: Mr. Jose Desousa

St. Catherine: Hellshire, Bernard Lodge, Horizon Park, Willowdene, Green Acres, Winters Pen, Eltham, Ensom City, Spanish Town Central, Greendale, Central Village, Caymanas Park, Independence City, Passage Fort, Edgewater, Naggo Head, Braeton, Greater Portmore 1, 2,3,4,5 & 6



Jamaica Cablevision Limited

P.O. Box 692,
Kingston 8
Tel: 984-5417/907-1349, FAX: 907-1451 sent

CEO: Mr. Christopher Yapp

St. Catherine: Bernard Lodge, Horizon Park, Willowdene, Green Acres, Winters Pen, Eltham, Ensom City, Spanish Town Central, Greendale, Central Village



Logic One Limited

Shop 9,
Main Plaza,
83 1/2 Red Hills Road, Kingston 10
Tel: 931-2445/941-8079, FAX: 941-8078 sent

CEO: Mr. Mario Francis
Contact Person: Mrs. Paula Francis, Managing Director

Kingston & St. Andrew: Grants Pen, Eastwood Park Gardens, Constant Spring Gardens, Red Hills Gardens, Arlene Gardens, Meadowbrook, Meadowbrook Estates, Maverly, Red Hills, Stony Hill



Marimaxx Communication Limited

13 North Street,
Black River
Tel: 965-9190, FAX: 965-9190 sent

CEO: Mr. Eilleen Camenzind

St. Elizabeth: Black River



Mattview Cable Electronics Limited

Shop 4,
45 King Street,
Linstead, St. Catherine
Tel: 985-2373/6731/6061, FAX: 985-6990 sent

CEO: Mr. Lyndon Taylor

St. Catherine: Bog Walk, Linstead


Matrix Entertainment & Communications Co. Ltd.

Hopewell P.O.
Tel: 609-4737 FAX: 609-4736


(St. James) Reading


Mega International Co. Jamaica Limited

29-31 Caledonia Road,
Shop 2 Caledonia Court
Mandeville, Manchester
Tel: 961-3637-8, FAX: 961-3639 sent

CEO: Mr. Clifford Ashmeade

Manchester: Christiana, Mandeville East, Mandeville West, Mandeville North, Mandeville South

Modern Rebroadcasting Company Limited

Wakefield, Wakefield P.O., Trelawny
Tel:  610-3920 (left message), FAX: none

Contact: Mr. Stanley Clarke 
(Trelawny) Wakefield
(St. James) Barrett Town



N5 Systems Systems Limited (Wireless)

19 Windsor Avenue,
Kingston 5
Tel: 978-3739/927-5578, FAX: 927-3937 sent

President: Barrington Raglan




Newview Cable Company Limited

Shop 12,
Legister and Sons Plaza,
Santa Cruz P.O.,
St. Elizabeth
Tel: 966-4123-4, FAX: 966-9708 Dexter Elliot

CEO: Mr. Melvin Newell

St. Elizabeth: Santa Cruz



Northern Cable and Communication Network Limited

5 Evelyn Street,
Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Tel: 795-2435 (busy), 974-3396 ??? FAX:

Contact: Mr. Anthony Kerr

St. Mary: Retreat

St. Ann: Breadnut Hill, Ocho Rios, Bamboo, St. Ann’s Bay, Sturge Town



North Eastern Satellite Limited

2 Rivers Lane,
Mannings Plaza,
Port Maria
Tel: 994-9574/994-2202 FAX: 994-9703 sent

CEO: Mrs. Delroy Gayle

St. Mary: Highgate East, Highgate West, Richmond, Annotto Bay, Port Maria, Mason Hall, Oracabessa, Retreat



Oliver Electronics Engineering Limited

12 Tachyon Avenue
Surrey Meadows,
St. Catherine
Tel: 998-7214/802-6404 (no answer), FAX: 939-4325 sent

CEO: Mr. Oliver Demontagnac

St. Catherine: Caymanas Park, Independence City, Passage Fort, Edgewater, Naggo Head,



Omni Cable Services Limited

5a Central Road
Warehouse 2,
Kingston 10
Tel: 920-1099/920-1048, FAX: 920-0861 sent

CEO: Mr. Michael Walsh

Kingston & St. Andrew: Swallowfield, Vineyard Town, Cross Roads, Jones Town, Trench Town, Kencot, Whitfield Town, Greenwich Town, Delacree Pen, Boucher Park, Richmond Park

Ringo Communications Limited

2 Midway South Plaza
Barbary Hall, Mountainside
St. Elizabeth
Tel: 376-0506, FAX: (call later for #)

CEO: Mr. Patrick Thomas
(St. Elizabeth) Mountainside



Roshi's Cable Television Co. Limited

P.O. Box 31,
Junction P.O.,
St. Elizabeth
Tel: 965-5237 (busy), FAX:

CEO: Mr. Richard Hall

St. Elizabeth: Southfield, Junction



S.A.U.C.E. Communication Network Limited

16 Roosevelt Avenue,
Kingston 5
Tel: 978-8449/978-9154, FAX: 927-8071 sent

CEO: Mr. Philmore McCarthy

Kingston & St. Andrew: Harbour View, Central Down Town, Fletcher’s Land, Allman Town, Campbell Town, East Down Town, Passmore Town,

Franklin Town, Rollington Town, Bournemouth Gardens, Norman Gardens, D’Aguilar, August Town, Mona, Hope Pastures, Beverly Hills, Cherry Gardens, Swallowfield, Vineyard Town, Cross Roads, Jones Town, Trench Town



Santastic Cable Systems Limited

Main Street
Brown's Town, St. Ann
Tel:975-2637, FAX: 917-8195 sent

CEO: Mr. Herbert Riley

St. Ann: Brown’s Town



Silly Video Cable Network Limited

Annotto Bay P.O.
St. Mary
Tel: 996-2905/996-9140, FAX: 996-2658 sent

CEO: Mr. Sylvester Walker
Contact Person: Mr. Winston Walker, Technical Director

St: Mary: Annotto Bay



Starcom Cablevision Limited

Shop #128
Greater Portmore
Shopping Centre
P.O. Box 456
Greater Portmore,
St. Catherine
Tel: 949-3018, 3168/9697, FAX: 949-3017

CEO: Mr. Wesley Anderson

St. Catherine: Hellshire, Braeton, Greater Portmore 1, 2,3,4,5 & 6



Stars Cable Company Limited

Simmonds Mall,
73 Main Street,
Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Tel: 795-4977, FAX: 795-0389

CEO: Mrs. Shareen Betty

St. Ann: Breadnut Hill, Ocho Rios, Bamboo



St. Thomas Cable Network Limited

Golden Grove P.O. St. Thomas
Tel: 982-9879/982-6193 FAX: 982-4103 sent

CEO: Mr. Jeremiah Walker

St. Thomas: Bath, Seaforth, Trinityville, Cedar Valley, Port Morant, White Horses, Morant Bay, Airy Castle, Yallahs, Duckenfield,

Portland: Manchioneal



Summit Satellite Systems Limited

2 Queen Street
Morant Bay
St. Thomas
Tel: 982-9591 (left message), FAX:

CEO: Mr. Clovel Bogle

St. Thomas: White Horses, Morant Bay, Airy Castle



Telstar Cable Limited

109A Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8
Tel: 931-5281/931-4506 FAX: 969-6206 sent

CEO: Mrs. Joyce Darby

Kingston & St. Andrew: Barbican, Cherry Gardens, Grants Pen, Half Way Tree, Trafalgar Park, New Kingston, Constant Spring Gardens, White Hall, Meadowbrook, Constant Spring



Tri-Star Cable Vision & Gymnasium Limited

Shop #16 Midtown Mall
Main Street, Lucea
Tel: 956-3314/2194 (left message), FAX:

CEO: Mr. Andrew McLeary

Hanover: Lucea

Unique Vision Cable Company Limited

Lot 89 Dumfries Housing
Scheme St. James
Tel: 680-1029 (no answer), FAX: ?

CEO: Mr. Walter Smith

Barrett Town, Somerton
Venus Cable Service Limited

Mason River, Kellits, Lluidas Vale, 
Crofts Hill P.O., Clarendon
Tel: 775-8015/978-6591 (left message), FAX:

CEO: Mr. Nicholas Chang

Crofts Hill District
Westar Communications Limited

Presto Plaza, Duncans
Tel:  954-7643, FAX: none

CEO: Mr. Mark Anderson
(Trelawny) Duncans



Wilson Electronics Limited

21 Nashville Plaza
Tel: 962-3648/962-6355, FAX: 625-6855 sent

CEO: Mr. Quince Wilson
Contact Person: Mrs. Elaine Wilson, Managing Director

Manchester: Mandeville East, Mandeville West, Mandeville North, Mandeville South



Wilson's Enterprises Limited/ Satcum Cable Television Network

Shop #5, JNBS Plaza
21-25 Harbour Street
Port Antonio, Portland
Tel: 993-3898, FAX: 993-3398 sent

CEO: Ms. Yvonne Wilson - Airhunmwunde

Portland: Priestman’s River, Fellowship, Port Antonio East, Port Antonio West, Hope Bay

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