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The OFFICIAL Magazine of Caribbean Championship Wrestling / Editor - Karl Blankenship.


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  1. Our 90 minute non-cable television program will be named, “(Your Company) Presents: Caribbean Championship Wrestling”, and as such, your company will be featured throughout the program, during program “bumpers”, on all press and flyer advertising, television commercials, radio commercials, and press releases to the media. In the minds of the general public, it will be your show! Our advertising campaign begins with the opening of our pro wrestling school. So as an extra incentive, we will feature you in our pre-launch advertising, absolutely free! Plenty of media exposure!
  2. Your company logo would be prominently displayed in the centre of our wrestling ring at all CCW events, including events held in Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, and Mandeville. In almost every camera shot, your company would be in on the action!
  3. Your company logo would also be prominently displayed on the entrance ramp (each wrester’s entrance is an additional viewer impression), and our photo opportunity staging area (where fans can take pictures with their favourite wrestlers). Banners can also be placed around the arena if desired.
  4. Your company would be the primary sponsor of this web site with a 120 pixel X 240 pixel banner on every page. As an extra incentive, we will place your banners now!
  5. CCW Ignition, a program to be distributed free to all patrons during CCW events, will feature a one eighth page advertisement for your company every week.
  6. A “(Your Company) Night” promotion will take place at CCW Arena each month. This promotion would be a joint effort between CCW and your marketing department.

Sponsorship is structured as a one year contracted agreement. You have the option of continuing major sponsorship for an additional year at the same price. Any performance guarantees on our part may be negotiated!

Imagine! A brand new advertising vehicle designed to reach 18 - 34 year old employed males! One and a half hours of your own television programming weekly! Three unique spectator sport events in Jamaica every weekend! And, a chance to align your company with a sports/entertainment company ready to pull the trigger! Call the NEW U.S. Offices of Caribbean Championship Wrestling at 703-868-2097, or email


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