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“developing pro-wrestlers for international careers”

Notice: Enrollment is closed to the general public until the next session begining February 2004. Make your reservations now!


Getting into the pro-wrestling industry is difficult. But you can do it. Even in the islands. The Forge is the only pro-wrestling school in the Jamaica, and its mission is clear; “to develop pro-wrestlers for international careers, emphasising wrestling fundamentals and ring psychology, in a safe learning environment”.

Each class at The Forge is carefully structured, and includes the building blocks you need in order begin a successful career in professional wrestling. A strong emphasis is placed on your safety, and the safety of the people you train and work with.


  1. Emphasis on the basics
  2. Learning holds
  3. Take downs, suplex's, slams, drills, more
  4. Reversals and chain wrestling
  5. Ring psychology
  6. How to do interviews on camera
  7. Video-taping your training and replay to offer constructive criticism
  8. Free access to a fully equipped weight gym mornings and early afternoons
  9. Regulation 18' X 18' wrestling ring custom built by Sergeant Slaughter of the WWE
  10. Learning high spots
  11. Development of timing and ring positioning
  12. Free admission to all Caribbean Champion Wrestling events under our “CCW Security” program
  13. Referral to equipment outlets for boots and tights
  14. Guidance in creating a wrestling persona
  15. Hours of operation to accommodate the working student ( 6 pm. - 10 pm. Weekdays and Saturday, 11 am. - 3 pm. Sundays)
  16. Interest-free financing
  17. Guaranteed first match with Caribbean Championship Wrestling
  18. Certificate upon completion of course
  19. 70% discount in getting 8 x 10 composites for consideration internationally
  20. 70% discount in preparing a showcase videotape for consideration internationally
  21. 70% discount on in-ring and gym training time after completion of course
  22. Prepare and send your promotional package to wrestling promotions world-wide, including WWE, NWA TNA, NWA Wildside, New Japan, All Japan, and scores of independent organizations in the United States
  23. Excellent, qualified instructors and a safe learning environment

Each student will be required to sign a waiver stating The Forge and its affiliated companies assume no responsibility for injuries. All students are required to attend all CCW events as security personnel.

The Basics

The objective of your training at The Forge is to become fundamentally sound in all aspects of pro-wrestling. This includes knowing the basic rules of performing manoeuvres, learning the correct way to take bumps, ring positioning, timing, how to build a match and how to pace it, and above all, protecting yourself and your opponent.

Students start their training outside the ring, working on basic holds with a veteran student or instructor. Strength training and cardio-vascular conditioning are also emphasized. They then progress to taking unassisted bumps in the ring, entering/exiting the ring properly and learning the correct way to run the ropes. From there, they join the rest of the class performing drills to help refine the elements to a well executed wrestling match. These military-style drills have been designed to improve conditioning, reinforce principles of applying holds, and performing the most common manoeuvres in short, quick bursts. The confidence built through drills carries over into matches, and teaches timing and ring positioning. With experience, students are able to build their matches and improvise sequences of moves on their feet. Normally, students begin working on their own matches after just two months of basic training.

The camcorder is an essential learning tool at The Forge. A video camera is fixed on the ring and tapes every class. You can see your own progress and gain input from both instructors and other students on your strengths and weaknesses.

Character Development

No, we are not talking about your “wrestling persona”. A neglected aspect of the pro-wrestling business is solidly built into The Forge training program – your performance outside of the ring. High levels of discipline, respect, honour, and confidence (not ego) are essential in the wrestling business, and most schools do not care or bother to add “character building" elements into their training. Lessons learned later on, are often learned too late.

At The Forge, you’ll learn ego cannot control what you do in the ring or how you think and approach this business. The performances you see on TV can only come about through teamwork and cooperation on camera, and behind the scenes. At its best, the violence portrayed in our business is executed through the harmony that exists in the ring and backstage.

A word of advice: winning or losing doesn’t matter because pro-wrestlers work for one thing - the crowd’s reaction.


You'll find the training environment at The Forge to be tough and intense. Students tend to be both competitive and helpful, which maintains a high standard of learning. Some classes are more relaxed but no less serious, where we let students have more input, and improvise their own spots.

Former students now signed with Caribbean Championship Wrestling come to The Forge regularly to practice and work on matches. Our policy is “everyone works together”; which means new students get to learn alongside CCW veterans and receive their insight and knowledge about performing and other aspects of the business. No question goes unanswered, and there is always someone willing to help you with your training or show you something new.

Signing Up

Prices quoted below are in Jamaican dollars.

The Forge Wrestling School offers a six month training course for $24,000. For referees, managers and ring valets, a six month course is $10,000.

Naturally, you may pay your entire fee up front. Or, if you wish, you may pay over six months same as cash - $9,600 down and $2,880 per month for five months with no interest. Referees, managers and ring valets may pay $4,000 down and $1,200 per month for five months, with no interest.

After completion of course, you may continue training at The Forge at a 70% discount.

If you are interested in enrolling, touring our facilities, or would like more information, email

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