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This is Jamaican born pro Slyk Wagner Brown, who appears with independent pro wrestling promotions all over the world. He will be making his CCW pro wrestling debut soon. Visit his popular web site,

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Attention Sponsors and Advertisers: Don't wait until the company officially launches to take advantage of this unique opportunity! CCW will feature two weekly pro wrestling television programs from CCW Arena in St. Catherine, AND pro wrestling promotions in Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, or Mandeville! Plan your advertising campaign now! Pro wrestling will be absolutely HUGE in Jamaica! To find out more about advertising and sponsorship opportunities click here, or call CCW President Augustus Lee (currently visiting the Washington D.C. area) at 703-868-2097, or email

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Independent wrestling promotions have never existed here in Jamaica, and only a few pro wrestling shows have ever been staged. Dominator made his pro wrestling debut here six years ago. In an interview, he described his first match like this; "It was at Dragons Gym in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was an outdoor show, and over this fence was a big football match going on. The crowd saw this ring being set up and the D.J with these massive speakers belting out our music, and that was it, they all ran over, climbed the fence and sat patiently for 3 hours until the show. It was absolutely mental! The footballers must have been well pissed off with us. In Jamaica all they had was WWF on T.V once a month and that was it. They had NEVER seen it live. And so I was opening match with Irish Brett Dillon, and they went nuts for it. . . . when Brett hit me with a padlock behind the ref’s back for the pin, the crowd tried to kill him . . . . one guy chased him to the locker room with a knife."

Ohhh. Maybe THAT'S why pro wrestling has never been done in Jamaica . . . .maybe we should open up the CCW Strip Club instead.

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